Monday, December 6, 2010

Costume Jewelry and Accessories

I know in the fashion rule book for some when it comes up to Jewelry at 20 you should own a pair of diamond earrings and by 30 you should have your to go cocktail ring and necklace and by 40 you should at least 5 major jewelry pieces not including your wedding ring. But for me I choose to ignore that rule because of the simple fact that I can never make my mind about 1 thing so buying costume jewelry is easier I wear my accessories on almost everyday and I wear my jewelry according to the way im dressed and feeling. I love unique rings and I always make my rings the center piece of my accessory shopping. I work with my hands all day so I have to show off my center piece. Lately I've been buying more edgier pieces of jewelry so there are some big gold and jagged ones that I've been buying and I've scoring lots of compliments. So as far as the rule book goes I guess I will never settle for 5 real gold pieces.
Smooches Luv

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

So our stomach are full our family and guest have left the building...phew its a bit overwhelming with a lot of people around you and a bit stressful. So I know your mind body and soul is aching yearning for some Retail Therapy. I am really geared up to go shopping this year for "Black Friday" that includes shopping online as well. So many online stores are having great sales as well and I just can't wait no lines no fighting getting a bargain in the privacy of my own home.I am especially excited to score some shoes since my shoe collection have been looking pretty tragic lately but I digress here are my to websites this year....
On Top of my list I will start with
1.ASOS. (Who is having a 25% off Brand Clothing)
2.Jessica Simpson (50% off all Jessica Simpson Collection Shoes)
4.Express (30%off of Everything)
5.Nine West (40% Selected items)
And So Much more....with that being written hope you guys had a Happy ThanksGiving and a Super Happy Black Friday!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Is that time of the season again.When we barely have your ThanksGiving feast settled in your tummy but instead of getting some rest we are prepping for our Black Friday Game Plan. I am Uber excited for Black Friday because its funny to watch how people camp outside for hours just to be in line first or get into fights all for a blowout Bargain. But anyhow lets Round up the Top 5 stores to be at to truly score a bargain in the wee hours of Black

3.JCPenny's((True Bargains Indeed))
5.Khols((Grab Vera Wangs items and Lauren Conrads items featured there for a Noble Price))

Well there it Goes Have and Have a Happy Black Friday!!!♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Edge

Well lately I've been trying to change up my style and put more edge into my usual grandma chic style.
So I've been looking at everyone and everything for inspiration.

Up For Morning Coffee!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Structure of My Online Store.

So I've really sat and thought out long and hard about opening my online store. First and foremost starting one step at a time meaning setting up with ebay first and then in the future branch out by creating my own website. Im am addicted to shopping and buying particular pieces and making it a D.I.Y. Project. But what my online store will provide more unique pieces from thrift stores or pieces designed by me. I've been working in the retail industry for about 5years now as a Buyer/Visual Merchandiser and on my free time I dedicate myself to making pieces for the So this will be one of my first steps of getting my feet into the Fashion Industry I must make a name for myself ....So look out world im taking over.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Falls Fashion Budget!

So I recently was flipping through my new Instyle Mag. And they had an interesting article about Fall Fashion Budgets. So I thought to myself what is my fashion budget for this fall and winter. So I did the math and calculations and I decided I would spend $400. My first splurge would be my $139 Steve Madden Boots that I think is pretty worth it. Even though I live in Miami, Florida where it rarely gets cold I wear the hell out of all my boots. So each day I wear them would be a dollar. So so far I would 260 left of my Budget let see what wonderful pieces I can score.
X ♥X ♥

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I ♥

I am Really obsessed with this London Base website lately...why? Because everything is soooo cute and not so pricey.In a world of Forever 21's ,HM's and lets not forget about Zara's. You tend to forget that there are other places that you can shop like crazy without spending your grocery and gas money for the far I've purchased a cute Blouse and A watch from Asos and the website has been featured in Octobers People Style Watch and Lucky Magazine that's kinda big for little ol' Asos. But with all those exciting words I just mention I hope you guys log in to check it out I promise you won't be disappointed. With Much Love ♥
X ♥X ♥
SmOOches FashionMilf ♥

Monday, October 4, 2010

Celeb Style Watch!

I've always wanted to go into Rachel Bilson closet and pickout severel pieces.Her style is just so effortless she just throws on clothes without even thinking twice. Since she lives in LA and I live Miami our style culture are very similar. But this one particular outfit she was wearing struck my eyes.

Look For Less((Im The Frugal Fashionista))

I've been in a frantic search for a nice leather backpack forever. But the cost for majority of them are very expensive. So I am super excited to say I've found and bought a nice little back pack from F21. Its so funny everything that I was wearing in the 90's are coming right back out. I'm just excited to have my backpack and besides me being all over the place half the time a backpack is more convienent.
XoXo SmooChes!!!
This Dooney and Bourke Version is $265

I bought a Similar Version from Forever 21 for 32.90 and i adore this bag i love it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Me New Life

So I have been having my little life issues lately. So I decided i needed a more bit of an edgy style. Because I always been so conservative so I decided to change my hair do and on the bottom its my before and after tell me what u guys think.

Tada After

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rich and Famous

One Mans Junk Another Mans Treasure!

I've been on a ultimately long search for my top 5 Consignment stores and Websites. I love slightly used clothes maybe not the smell but that's pretty fixable. In the Past I use to find the best slightly used pieces and alter them and sell them. Now its kind of hard to find stores who carter to vintage pieces most consignment stores are trying to get more up to date pieces so they can get more of the youthful customers to purchase which means youthful $$$. Why can't they just stay true to their roots more older the pieces the more it is treasure I guess it is true one man junk is another man I've been addicted to one consignment website though and so far it hasn't stirred me in the wrong direction. its so cute everything is well kept and she picks out the best vintage pieces ever and im in love with her cute blog. Until then I will continue my search for the Top 5 consignment stores and websites.
XoXo SmOOches

Monday, September 20, 2010


CARDIGANS by fashionmilf featuring a crew neck cardigan

Cardigans is not what you will Call your Grandparents Sweaters Anymore there is a whole new Twist to em'. I am obsessed with Cardigans because of the simple fact I dont like my arms so much so I pair them up with everything. I personally think its a clean way to keep you warm and its also a good way to take a risk with colors,fabrics,and prints. Above this caption is pic's of cardigans I've search for. Their the cutest little cardigans that anybody can get away with my favorite one is the Pale Pink Sweater because its very Baggy and Masculine but girly. Be more Polished and purchase a Cardigan as part of your fall wardrobe.
XoXo SmOOches

Luv All My Fashionista and My Gentle Peeps

I can officially say I am a true fashion blogger. I've been doing this blogging thing for 3months and so far I've featured alot things that comes into my mind when i think about fashion. One thing I shall promise is stick to go back to my journalism roots and start writing my thoughts about fashion instead of displaying a whole bunch of pics. And i want to touch the real ladies and men with my fashion tips and advices with a real life vibe to it with more real everyday people. For all my blog readers continue reading my blog and you'll soon see that the future holds alot Scouts Promise.
Luv you All
XoXo FashionMilf

If You Like Cardigans, Try Sweater Coats - Shake Up Your Work Look with Fall's Top Trends - Fall Fashion Trends 2010 - Fashion - InStyle

If You Like Cardigans, Try Sweater Coats - Shake Up Your Work Look with Fall's Top Trends - Fall Fashion Trends 2010 - Fashion - InStyle

Girly Sensation

edgy chic

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leather Jackets: Why We Love It - Fall Style Guide - Fall Fashion Trends 2010 - Fashion - InStyle

Leather Jackets: Why We Love It - Fall Style Guide - Fall Fashion Trends 2010 - Fashion - InStyle

Nicole's Richies Night Out

Fashion Night Out

Fashion in the Miami Design District from Miami Design District on Vimeo.
">Fashion in the Miami Design District from Miami Design District on Vimeo.

As a destination for world class fashion, the Miami Design District has no equal. Christian Louboutin, Maison Martin Margiela, Marni, Duncan Quinn, Y-3, tomas maier, Marimekko... the list goes on and on. Overall Fashion Night was a great experience which involved a lot of Talented Designers. Although I wished that I also participated  in the Fashion Night Out of New York

Here is the Link For the Fashion Night Out Map

fashion milf

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 5 Fashion Websites To Shop At

I think we all would like to know we shopped someone no has really shopped before because no one unless your a 10 year old girl wants to have on the same thing as another person so I did some research on Top 5 websites that have cute and affordable clothes that no one really has. That's pretty hard to Find so lets see who made my Top 5

1. ...discoverd this place on polyvore and have been addicted ever since.
2.  I love their clothes its a little bit more pricey but I had to put it on there because its very cute pieces
4.  they have the cutest little accessories I love this sight.
5.  I use to love this store as a teenager but I grew up and looked pass it but now im starting to come back to it again.
XoXo Smooches LuV FasHioNMIlf

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day to night look

i am utterly in love with these boots Chloe boots exact wanna know the cost
here it is
My 2 favorite People Niomi and Marc Jacobs i love this picture because he is in a dress
he is such a diva.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay Going To School For Journalism

Okay a fashion degree under my belt already. I think I would like to try new endevours starting with another passion of mine which is journalism. Some how I feel like I can put the two together and make something more of my career.Originally before fashion design before me applying to Parsons or SCAD(Savannah College of Arts and Design). I applied to NYU for their Journalism Program and was all set and ready to go but at last minute I decided to go with Fashion instead. I mean I've writing stories and articles as long as I can remember. I was always part of a yearbook staff or newspaper staff because writing was one of my greatest passion I love to express my thoughts on Paper or with typed words.So now im proud to say im thinking about signing up with NYU again ((twisted fingers))I HOPE I GET IN AND IT GO'S REALLY WELL.





Florida Room!!

This is the Perfect Living Room Space im looking for a new Apt.
and this my dream living room but white furniture with a 2year old is

Girl Next Door

This is The Bottom Outfit Recreated.

I work in a Retail Store so its not surprising when I see regular girls in a cute outfit.
But this particular outfit caught my attention she paired everything up so well. Her cute denim Jacket with a short floral peasant dress and Riding boots it was clear the girl had style. I love everything about it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love anything with a touch flirty romance. The shirt is my fave its so cute and
Lady Like and Im in love with it I am currently on a search for one like it but for a
more thrifty price.But all together the outfit is what i would say Quirky. It has an unexpected touch
with the stripe Blazer i am in love with this outfit.
XoXo Smooches

tHE ConTents Of My Purse

Well if I were a Rich Girl this would be my bag but the items featured in the bag i actually own.

Heritage 1981

Well I very proud to say the store i work for Heritage 1981 started theyre Fall Fashion Campaign. And the looks of it they have very interesting pieces this season i love that it is part of Forever 21 with Forever 21 prices but its less trendy than Forever 21 it has a more refreshing Vintage feel to it. Its silently coming up through the retail industry and its drawing a lot of  good attention so look out for Heritage 1981.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fashion Worlds New It Girl

Every Designer has a model that one model that would represent their fashion empire more than ever just like Versace had Tyra Banks and Niomi Campbell and Chanel had Kimora Lee Simmons. Well there is one girl thats been causing a quiet stir amongst the fashion world and her disadvantage is her biggest advantage. Her Name is Diandra Forrest shes 18years old was Discovered by up and coming Fashion Photographer Shaumar Khan  and signed to Elite Modeling Agency and i forgot to mention one thing shes Albino and she is of African American Decent. This havent gotten in her way shes a true beauty and i believe she will be in the fashion industry for a long time. She has also been featured in Kanye's Controversial New Video "Power". She is running against other it girls like Chanel Iman and Gemma Ward but I think her presence will be never forgotten she's a fashion hot commodity.


To All My followers Happy Monday hope you guys have a safe and Fashionable Day xoxo smooches luv Fashionmilf

Reading Is Fundamental

Just Got My Glamour Mag and People Style Watch SOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lady Like

Up All Hours of The Night so I created this outfit can you tell my am very lady like

Saturday, August 21, 2010


my dream outfit if i were to work for a fashion firm

Just Picz

i really felt like just posting pics today and not writing anything but the quote above is truly funny.

Morphing Into Fall Fashion

I hate to say it but Summer is Finally coming to an end...Actually I am excited for fall fashion because I get to layer my clothes again yeepee. Living in Miami you dont get to do much layering because its just to hot for that.But there is a lot of trends that's moving into the fall season which I will quickly jump on. When I think of Fall I think of Boots Thick Coats and Long Sleeves. I've came up with the Top Perfect Combination of Fall Outfits and basically a wish list for Fall So get Ready to Morph into the Fall Season.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This Blog is Dedicated to my Fashionable mother. My mother migrated to the United States at the age of 17years and with that she quickly picked up the trends of the 70's. I remember me being younger seeing this picture of my mother sporting a mini fro wearing mens trousers a cute short sleeve white peasant top and some chunky heels. The way she put together the outfit was pure genius something you would see in a magazine tutorial. As she got older her closet became a girls dream closet with major brands like Chanel,Louis Vuitton, Feregamo, Halston, and Best of all Diane Von Furstenburg. I remember her buying lots of chanel bags and suits she was always so nicely put together. And even if she passed on to the next life she embedded a lot of her unique way dressing to both me and my sister and she's one of the major factors on why I love Fashion so much because she was one of my greatest Fashion Icons my mommy Somane Pluviose luv Mommy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


10 more Pounds to Go and then Im able to fit into my J Brands
I plan on purchasing the ones Jessica Alba is Displaying.