Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Mans Junk Another Mans Treasure!

I've been on a ultimately long search for my top 5 Consignment stores and Websites. I love slightly used clothes maybe not the smell but that's pretty fixable. In the Past I use to find the best slightly used pieces and alter them and sell them. Now its kind of hard to find stores who carter to vintage pieces most consignment stores are trying to get more up to date pieces so they can get more of the youthful customers to purchase which means youthful $$$. Why can't they just stay true to their roots more older the pieces the more it is treasure I guess it is true one man junk is another man treasure...lol. I've been addicted to one consignment website though and so far it hasn't stirred me in the wrong direction. http://www.frassyrags.com its so cute everything is well kept and she picks out the best vintage pieces ever and im in love with her cute blog. Until then I will continue my search for the Top 5 consignment stores and websites.
XoXo SmOOches

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