Monday, December 31, 2012

My News Years Fashion Hit List

Okay in a few more minutes it will be the new year and I don't have any direct resolutions but I do have expectations. For me 2012 was bitter sweet. But through struggles will always come a little bit of sunshine. Well, this is the year for me to update my wardrobe and with that I mean adding more edgy pieces to my closet. So to help myself I have a 2013 fashion Hit List a.k.a. Wishlist that is and I can't brush throug it. Well enough chatting lets get it My Fashion Hit List 1.Ruby Woo Lipstick(I am utterly in love with this color red and it matches every skin tone you can think about)The pricing is about $15 and I am willing to pay my way to happiness and be chic at the same time. 2. Raybands Stle#3025 Aviators with the mirrored lenses I actually sale raybands at my store so I will score them on my awesome discount their about 149.99 a pop. 3. Leather Triming (I am a leather well faux leather junkie that is I want everything with leather triming because it makes anything look edgier. 4.Timberland Boots (I am a low key fashionista so that means that I am not always dolled up with heels and dresses and all that other frufiness if that is even a I am a tom boy at heart so somethings I like to dress down and getting a pair of tims will help my whined down look super stylish but relaxed at the same time. 5. Cartier Bracelet (A girl can only dream right lol not even on my near budget can I afford such a thing so the closes thing would be a no name accessory store that sales a look a don't judge me. 6. Real makeup brush collection (Sigma or Mac) I would be happy with one of those sets. 7.A rolling Rack (Yes a Rolling rack reason being is because I live in such a small space I do not have a closet so living out of my drawer or basket is not very ideal for me. I don't like digging for my clothes so this not a want ITS A NEED!!!!) So these are on my hit list right now I am sure more will be added in the future. With Much Love Always Smooches Love FashionMilf

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I tried the Maybelline BB cream and also E.l.f.'s Face Mist and Set

So I've tried one of the items from my beauty wishlist which is the maybelline BB cream in the Deep color. So far I have a lot of cons about this product so far. Now it states that it blurs out imperfections like (dark marks,feckles,and etc) but it does not and the only thing it does is it makes the skin oily and for people who suffer from oily skin like me its a no go. I've notice if you put it on first and then but a little bit of powder above it that its not so oily. The only thing that I like about it is that it has spf 30. Now for my new favorite product is the e.l.f.'s face mist and set. This product is for setting your makeup where you don't have to worry about retouching your makeup and for a $3 product it has done its job so I don't think I will be getting the makeup in the bottle because this product works the same way.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 4 products I will Invest My Money and Try

So fall is here and its no longer summer the air is getting cooler and crisp, and no more humidity. So I usually switch out my summer products for fall and winter products. I live in Miami,Fl so its not much of a difference in the weather for us because its summer year round for us. But nevertheless it still gets kinda breezy and windy and cool. So therefore new facial products are neccessary or at least a good reason to shop for new products that is lol.

1.Palmers Cocoa Butter Eventone BB cream (The reason for this one in particular is because it helps fade dark spots while conceling them at the same time and it also brightens your skin.)

2.Model In A Bottle ( It seals your makeup in place so you don't have to keep retouching your makeup. It seems like a good product for me because I have oily skin and my makeup often runs because of the oil on my face.)

3. Avene Soapless Cleaning Gel(I've read up on some reviews on this particular product and a lot of people are giving it the thumbs up. Again this product especially helps if you have oily or sensitive skin.)

4. Maybelline BB Cream( I like the sound of this bb cream so far because it has several skin color selection not every girl is one color and a lot of the bb creams out there is lacking that especially the cocoa butter one I listed up top but I'm willing to try it).

So there you go that's my top 4 list of products I am going to try for the fall and winter.

With Love Always Smooches FashionMilf.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Well blazers have been the talk all year and blazers are still trending for the fall as well. I believe blazers are a true investment in a wardrobe staple. Because you can make any outfit look office ready within minutes of wearing a blazer. Well I found a couple pics of ways you can incorporate the blazer look in your everyday wardrobe.
Enjoy and feel free to send me some of your pics wearing your blazers and I will feature it on my blog
Love Always FashionMilf

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Match Stick Pants

Well fall is here as you all know and can feel already thank God! Because I live in florida where it is kind of summer all year round lol but anywho... Fall is here and there is a lot fall fashions that I cannot wait to recreate in my everyday wardrobe. But one in particular is the Match Stick Pants let's abreviate that (M.S.P) I love these pants especially in a cute floral print or the brocade look I am in love. I've been looking everywhere for these pants no luck yet but I will retrieve some soon. Since I am a retail manager I believe having a pair of trousers is a big key to my wardrobe and M.S.P's will be a staple piece for me because my style is so laid back all my pants are literally denim jeans so its really time for me to switch it up. But I've gathered some favorite looks featuring the Match Stick Pants and I've posted them below and also in the near future I will be posting some of my OOTD and you will see me recreate that style for sure.
Alright ladies and Gents thank you for stopping by again
Love always fashionmilf

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creating an office for myself

Okay I am in the midst of trying to create an office space for my self. So I've been on the web for the last month trying to brainstorm and find ideas of how to make a convenient office space without taking up too much room. I've found some pretty bright ideas so far and I really want to share them with you guys and tell me what you guys think of the ideas. I am so in love with the ones you can create with closet space because when your done you can lock up your office. Don't forget to shoot me some ideas
Love Fashionmilf

Neon in the Fall

I know I've posted about neon in the past. Now that the fall season has begun there alot of trends intact and neon is one them. I've posted 4 everyday outfits that could be incoporated in your work office,school or a night out. Take a look and leave feedback on how you would wear your neon.
Smooches love Fashionmilf

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My top 5 beauty essentials for fall

Fall beauty list
Okay perfect fall is here and I am ready for my skin and hair to meet this weather. So I came up with the must have beauty list for fall and I'm going to share with you my beauty essentials for the fall.
1. .The first 1 would be my Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner set this is great for the hair it leaves it refreshed and healthy looking. Because I have course hair it keeps it really shiny and really straight and manageable. You can find the Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner set from almost anywhere. I got my set from target but you can go to Walmart ,Walgreens or CVS whichever place carry the item you can purchase it from there.Prices range from $9.00-16.00.
2. .Right now what's trending when it comes up to lip color is red lipstick so I've purchased mines from wet and wild collection from Walgrees for $1.99 cents. I don't usually wear red lipstick much but it's a new beauty challage for me and I work retail so I could do it but I really think it is a great color for the fall.
3. When fall comes around my lips because tend to become more chapped and flacky so I always use my carmex lip balm which you can get from anywhere as well for .99¢ which is very inexpensive.
4. Baby wipes will always be my makeup remover it does not irritate my skin and it always has remove my makeup fully. I recommend using the non scented baby wipes because it will not irritate your skin and again  it's a very efficient way to remove your makeup.
5. Last but not least my fall signature smell is Burberry Brit it's a very warm smell and everybody loves this smell on me.So I can't wait to debut my smell lol.

Well guys thats my fall beauty list which is very affordable and will leave your skin and hair flawless.
Smooches love fashionmilf

Im back in effect

Its been a long time since I posted anything on here Sorry guys I've been a very busy girl but I will not make excuses for neglecting you guys but I promise there will be more to come.
Love you smooches