Monday, August 9, 2010


This Blog is Dedicated to my Fashionable mother. My mother migrated to the United States at the age of 17years and with that she quickly picked up the trends of the 70's. I remember me being younger seeing this picture of my mother sporting a mini fro wearing mens trousers a cute short sleeve white peasant top and some chunky heels. The way she put together the outfit was pure genius something you would see in a magazine tutorial. As she got older her closet became a girls dream closet with major brands like Chanel,Louis Vuitton, Feregamo, Halston, and Best of all Diane Von Furstenburg. I remember her buying lots of chanel bags and suits she was always so nicely put together. And even if she passed on to the next life she embedded a lot of her unique way dressing to both me and my sister and she's one of the major factors on why I love Fashion so much because she was one of my greatest Fashion Icons my mommy Somane Pluviose luv Mommy.

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