Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 5 Fashion Websites To Shop At

I think we all would like to know we shopped someone no has really shopped before because no one unless your a 10 year old girl wants to have on the same thing as another person so I did some research on Top 5 websites that have cute and affordable clothes that no one really has. That's pretty hard to Find so lets see who made my Top 5

1. www.shopruche.com ...discoverd this place on polyvore and have been addicted ever since.
2. www.asos.com  I love their clothes its a little bit more pricey but I had to put it on there because its very cute pieces
3. www.topshop.com
4. www.fredflare.com  they have the cutest little accessories I love this sight.
5. www.delias.com  I use to love this store as a teenager but I grew up and looked pass it but now im starting to come back to it again.
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