Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I tried the Maybelline BB cream and also E.l.f.'s Face Mist and Set

So I've tried one of the items from my beauty wishlist which is the maybelline BB cream in the Deep color. So far I have a lot of cons about this product so far. Now it states that it blurs out imperfections like (dark marks,feckles,and etc) but it does not and the only thing it does is it makes the skin oily and for people who suffer from oily skin like me its a no go. I've notice if you put it on first and then but a little bit of powder above it that its not so oily. The only thing that I like about it is that it has spf 30. Now for my new favorite product is the e.l.f.'s face mist and set. This product is for setting your makeup where you don't have to worry about retouching your makeup and for a $3 product it has done its job so I don't think I will be getting the makeup in the bottle because this product works the same way.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 4 products I will Invest My Money and Try

So fall is here and its no longer summer the air is getting cooler and crisp, and no more humidity. So I usually switch out my summer products for fall and winter products. I live in Miami,Fl so its not much of a difference in the weather for us because its summer year round for us. But nevertheless it still gets kinda breezy and windy and cool. So therefore new facial products are neccessary or at least a good reason to shop for new products that is lol.

1.Palmers Cocoa Butter Eventone BB cream (The reason for this one in particular is because it helps fade dark spots while conceling them at the same time and it also brightens your skin.)

2.Model In A Bottle ( It seals your makeup in place so you don't have to keep retouching your makeup. It seems like a good product for me because I have oily skin and my makeup often runs because of the oil on my face.)

3. Avene Soapless Cleaning Gel(I've read up on some reviews on this particular product and a lot of people are giving it the thumbs up. Again this product especially helps if you have oily or sensitive skin.)

4. Maybelline BB Cream( I like the sound of this bb cream so far because it has several skin color selection not every girl is one color and a lot of the bb creams out there is lacking that especially the cocoa butter one I listed up top but I'm willing to try it).

So there you go that's my top 4 list of products I am going to try for the fall and winter.

With Love Always Smooches FashionMilf.