Monday, December 31, 2012

My News Years Fashion Hit List

Okay in a few more minutes it will be the new year and I don't have any direct resolutions but I do have expectations. For me 2012 was bitter sweet. But through struggles will always come a little bit of sunshine. Well, this is the year for me to update my wardrobe and with that I mean adding more edgy pieces to my closet. So to help myself I have a 2013 fashion Hit List a.k.a. Wishlist that is and I can't brush throug it. Well enough chatting lets get it My Fashion Hit List 1.Ruby Woo Lipstick(I am utterly in love with this color red and it matches every skin tone you can think about)The pricing is about $15 and I am willing to pay my way to happiness and be chic at the same time. 2. Raybands Stle#3025 Aviators with the mirrored lenses I actually sale raybands at my store so I will score them on my awesome discount their about 149.99 a pop. 3. Leather Triming (I am a leather well faux leather junkie that is I want everything with leather triming because it makes anything look edgier. 4.Timberland Boots (I am a low key fashionista so that means that I am not always dolled up with heels and dresses and all that other frufiness if that is even a I am a tom boy at heart so somethings I like to dress down and getting a pair of tims will help my whined down look super stylish but relaxed at the same time. 5. Cartier Bracelet (A girl can only dream right lol not even on my near budget can I afford such a thing so the closes thing would be a no name accessory store that sales a look a don't judge me. 6. Real makeup brush collection (Sigma or Mac) I would be happy with one of those sets. 7.A rolling Rack (Yes a Rolling rack reason being is because I live in such a small space I do not have a closet so living out of my drawer or basket is not very ideal for me. I don't like digging for my clothes so this not a want ITS A NEED!!!!) So these are on my hit list right now I am sure more will be added in the future. With Much Love Always Smooches Love FashionMilf