Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay Going To School For Journalism

Okay a fashion degree under my belt already. I think I would like to try new endevours starting with another passion of mine which is journalism. Some how I feel like I can put the two together and make something more of my career.Originally before fashion design before me applying to Parsons or SCAD(Savannah College of Arts and Design). I applied to NYU for their Journalism Program and was all set and ready to go but at last minute I decided to go with Fashion instead. I mean I've writing stories and articles as long as I can remember. I was always part of a yearbook staff or newspaper staff because writing was one of my greatest passion I love to express my thoughts on Paper or with typed words.So now im proud to say im thinking about signing up with NYU again ((twisted fingers))I HOPE I GET IN AND IT GO'S REALLY WELL.

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