Friday, October 29, 2010

The Structure of My Online Store.

So I've really sat and thought out long and hard about opening my online store. First and foremost starting one step at a time meaning setting up with ebay first and then in the future branch out by creating my own website. Im am addicted to shopping and buying particular pieces and making it a D.I.Y. Project. But what my online store will provide more unique pieces from thrift stores or pieces designed by me. I've been working in the retail industry for about 5years now as a Buyer/Visual Merchandiser and on my free time I dedicate myself to making pieces for the So this will be one of my first steps of getting my feet into the Fashion Industry I must make a name for myself ....So look out world im taking over.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Falls Fashion Budget!

So I recently was flipping through my new Instyle Mag. And they had an interesting article about Fall Fashion Budgets. So I thought to myself what is my fashion budget for this fall and winter. So I did the math and calculations and I decided I would spend $400. My first splurge would be my $139 Steve Madden Boots that I think is pretty worth it. Even though I live in Miami, Florida where it rarely gets cold I wear the hell out of all my boots. So each day I wear them would be a dollar. So so far I would 260 left of my Budget let see what wonderful pieces I can score.
X ♥X ♥

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I ♥

I am Really obsessed with this London Base website lately...why? Because everything is soooo cute and not so pricey.In a world of Forever 21's ,HM's and lets not forget about Zara's. You tend to forget that there are other places that you can shop like crazy without spending your grocery and gas money for the far I've purchased a cute Blouse and A watch from Asos and the website has been featured in Octobers People Style Watch and Lucky Magazine that's kinda big for little ol' Asos. But with all those exciting words I just mention I hope you guys log in to check it out I promise you won't be disappointed. With Much Love ♥
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SmOOches FashionMilf ♥

Monday, October 4, 2010

Celeb Style Watch!

I've always wanted to go into Rachel Bilson closet and pickout severel pieces.Her style is just so effortless she just throws on clothes without even thinking twice. Since she lives in LA and I live Miami our style culture are very similar. But this one particular outfit she was wearing struck my eyes.

Look For Less((Im The Frugal Fashionista))

I've been in a frantic search for a nice leather backpack forever. But the cost for majority of them are very expensive. So I am super excited to say I've found and bought a nice little back pack from F21. Its so funny everything that I was wearing in the 90's are coming right back out. I'm just excited to have my backpack and besides me being all over the place half the time a backpack is more convienent.
XoXo SmooChes!!!
This Dooney and Bourke Version is $265

I bought a Similar Version from Forever 21 for 32.90 and i adore this bag i love it.