Monday, December 6, 2010

Costume Jewelry and Accessories

I know in the fashion rule book for some when it comes up to Jewelry at 20 you should own a pair of diamond earrings and by 30 you should have your to go cocktail ring and necklace and by 40 you should at least 5 major jewelry pieces not including your wedding ring. But for me I choose to ignore that rule because of the simple fact that I can never make my mind about 1 thing so buying costume jewelry is easier I wear my accessories on almost everyday and I wear my jewelry according to the way im dressed and feeling. I love unique rings and I always make my rings the center piece of my accessory shopping. I work with my hands all day so I have to show off my center piece. Lately I've been buying more edgier pieces of jewelry so there are some big gold and jagged ones that I've been buying and I've scoring lots of compliments. So as far as the rule book goes I guess I will never settle for 5 real gold pieces.
Smooches Luv