Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking about Revamping your style!!!

I deal with a lot of Customers and People asking me for fashion advice all day and one of the biggest issues is people going through a style rut. I mean whatever the issue is there is no excuse for people to be running around looking like a HOT MESS.I know for me my biggest issue was adjusting to my new body as a new mom. After having my Isabella in 2008 there was a point in time that I just had too much going on to even stop and look at myself in a mirror. I would even buy lots of baggy menswear to hide my slightly overweight frame.But as the new year approached as of 2009 I decided it was time to switch up my style step out my normal box and oddly it worked out for me. I did it step by step and as I did that I started losing my baby weight so I started fitting into more things and I felt extremely good about myself and as 23 year old I feel like I should dress my age and part.I still wear my baggy mens wear once in a while but this time I remember to add something feminine or Avant Garde to complete my look.

Steps out of a Style Rut
1. Realizing that what your wearing is not benefiting your lifestyle(meaning if what your wearing is what you wore in highschool or your youthful days or even you were more heavier is not what u should be wearing present time)

2.Money is Not an Issue(Salvation Army,Consignment Stores,Forever21,Charlotte Russe and Love Culture).Have prices that can fit your budget.

Step 3. out of your Box Find out what color and cuts fits your shape you always have to feel comfortable because when your comfortable that brings out confidence)

4.its okay to Look at Fashion Magazines for Help I mean (Lucky,StyleWatch,and Instyle Magazines are my own Personal Shoppers and Fashion Advicers at times).

5.And Last but not Least always do things that will make you happy and content if you feel like your changing your style to make someone else happy but you don't then don't do it ...take it one step at the time.
XoXo SmOOcHessssss!!!!

Marguerite Pluviose a.k.a. FashionMilf

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