Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If The Shoe Fits

So this weekend as I was making space for fall fashion in my closet .I came to a realization that it's time for me to go shoe shopping. When I say shoe shopping I dont mean little splurges I really mean its time for me to drop massive bucks$$$$$ on good quality shoes. So with that being said there has been a pair of YSL'S I'VE DYING FOR AND THAT IS THE YSL TRIBUTES I WANT THEM IN EVERY COLOR IN THEY RETAIL ABOUT $1000 AT THE MAX.. LOL THATS MORE THAN MY RENT BUT U CAN'T BLAME A POOR GIRL FOR DREAMING.S THOSE SHOES WILL BE ON MY WISHLIST.

Marguerite Pluviose a.k.a. FashionMilf

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