Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay lately I admit I've been addicted to the floral trend that's been going on.Like me a lot of people are skeptical about how to incorporate floral in your everyday wardrobe. When I first spotted the trend I didn't like it so much it reminded so much of my Grandmother's Smock Floral Dress or her Floral Plastic covered as I was shopping one day and on one of my shopping expeditions on my 30min breaks I spotted the perfect floral shirt from Anne Taylor Loth and just like that I was hooked. I wear A lot of my floral with Musculine Pieces I.e(blazers,trouser jeans,boyfriend cut jeans, oxford shoes). Just so it won't look too girly my advice is to go for pastel colored miniature flowers before trying big tropical flowers or roses as prints, it doesn't cause so much attention if you happen to wear it the incorrect way. If you think you can pull off a quirky but cute aspect of it you can pairing it with stripes (I know it sounds busy but the two prints work really well together). Well lets take a deep breathe and lets give florals a chance at least I did.

Shopping For Florals
1.Anne Taylor Loth
3.Forever 21
4.Heritage 1981
5.Charlotte Russe

Happy Shopping

XoXo Smooches
Marguerite Pluviose a.k.a.FashionMilf

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