Monday, July 26, 2010

Style Icons

Every Era has a style Icon that everybody copies every fashion example that they display.
In the 80's they had Madonna and the 70's it was Bianca Jagger. But a Style Icon is pretty much someone who makes a great impact in the fashion world by dressing like no other by being a fashion leader.Here are some rememberable Fashion Icons.....
In the 50's and 60's Marilyn Monroe was a Fashion Icon
Studio 54 was always blessed with Bianca Jaggers Appearance
she was also contribute to the fashion industry by being Designer Halstons Inspiration 

Madonna drove the 80's crazy with her very Innovative style every one wanted to be
and dress like her she wore lots bright colored acid wash clothing but it was cool to be
a Material Girl.
Eartha Kitt was the Black women to be featured a major TV show Batman where
she was sometimes Featured as cat women.

Rihanna Right now is one of our Fashion Icons her Bad Girl Style has
inspired many girls to get in touch with their inner naughty girl.

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