Monday, August 2, 2010

Shes one Hot Mama!!

First of let me say I love being a mommy it is the greatest gift God has created for me. But being a mom has a lot of hidden hardwork thats involved and sometimes that hardwork can ruin your wardrobe trust me I know I am a mother of a 2year old. So the questions for most mothers is how do you adjust your wardrobe for your new lifestyle without saying goobye to your Jimmy choo's or Prada heels? In my case I refuse to be a 23year old wearing mom jeans and some sneakers. I rather chase Bella around with my YSL'S Tributes. I do admit 2years a go after having my daughter I was in one bit of a style rut nothing that I had own before in my closet fit me right or looked appealing to me anymore. The thing is I was just too tired to even dress up at that moment in time and with feeling like that I started wearing my sweats and Ugg Boots everywhere and I mean everywhere. Until one day my sister took one good look at me and said you really let your self go your not even my little fashionista anymore your just a sweat wearing mom. And it was  those very words being said that brought me back to fashion life. Step By Step I started shopping fashionable smart for my new life style. I started buying alot of trouser denim pants and boyfriend cut pants and alot of flowey tops and I also added cute flats and sandals more accessories to my wardrobe and just like that I was me again "One Hot MaMa". I could run around as cute as wanna but comfortable. There are a lot of Celebs that are young and are mothers but yet their style is put together nicely here are the list and Pics of the FashionMilfs like myself.....

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