Sunday, September 16, 2012

My top 5 beauty essentials for fall

Fall beauty list
Okay perfect fall is here and I am ready for my skin and hair to meet this weather. So I came up with the must have beauty list for fall and I'm going to share with you my beauty essentials for the fall.
1. .The first 1 would be my Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner set this is great for the hair it leaves it refreshed and healthy looking. Because I have course hair it keeps it really shiny and really straight and manageable. You can find the Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner set from almost anywhere. I got my set from target but you can go to Walmart ,Walgreens or CVS whichever place carry the item you can purchase it from there.Prices range from $9.00-16.00.
2. .Right now what's trending when it comes up to lip color is red lipstick so I've purchased mines from wet and wild collection from Walgrees for $1.99 cents. I don't usually wear red lipstick much but it's a new beauty challage for me and I work retail so I could do it but I really think it is a great color for the fall.
3. When fall comes around my lips because tend to become more chapped and flacky so I always use my carmex lip balm which you can get from anywhere as well for .99¢ which is very inexpensive.
4. Baby wipes will always be my makeup remover it does not irritate my skin and it always has remove my makeup fully. I recommend using the non scented baby wipes because it will not irritate your skin and again  it's a very efficient way to remove your makeup.
5. Last but not least my fall signature smell is Burberry Brit it's a very warm smell and everybody loves this smell on me.So I can't wait to debut my smell lol.

Well guys thats my fall beauty list which is very affordable and will leave your skin and hair flawless.
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