Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Match Stick Pants

Well fall is here as you all know and can feel already thank God! Because I live in florida where it is kind of summer all year round lol but anywho... Fall is here and there is a lot fall fashions that I cannot wait to recreate in my everyday wardrobe. But one in particular is the Match Stick Pants let's abreviate that (M.S.P) I love these pants especially in a cute floral print or the brocade look I am in love. I've been looking everywhere for these pants no luck yet but I will retrieve some soon. Since I am a retail manager I believe having a pair of trousers is a big key to my wardrobe and M.S.P's will be a staple piece for me because my style is so laid back all my pants are literally denim jeans so its really time for me to switch it up. But I've gathered some favorite looks featuring the Match Stick Pants and I've posted them below and also in the near future I will be posting some of my OOTD and you will see me recreate that style for sure.
Alright ladies and Gents thank you for stopping by again
Love always fashionmilf

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