Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love my skin so why not keep it glowing and healthy. So I keep some simple things to keep up with my skin check out my makeup bag.
lets start from the left: My Tresemme Hair Spray it leaves crisp smell in my hair and its only $1.99 for a small bottle, Clinique Moisturizing Lotion I love it because it doesn't leave your skin oily but fresh this a sample that I scored from a swag bag, Clinique "All About The Eyes" De-Puffing Roller and it was for those crazy morning that your working 2-3hours of sleep another score from the swag bag, NYC tri color eye shadow kit im obsessed with NYC Products and these are one of my favs $3.99, Forever 21 eyeshodow compact kit my favorite color is the rose gold eyeshadow just for $6.99 good stuff, NYC brow and eyeliner but I use for a eyeliner I got to in a Pack for $1.99, My Sephora Lipstick in naked pink it so cute on I love it especially for my golden complexion $12.00, Mascara in Black I am guilty of caking the mascara on I love long eyelashes Rimmel "Extra Super Lash" $5.99, and my Lemon Chap Stick from Bath and Body Works on sale for 1.99 and keeps your lips extra pillowy soft. So for me I am very low maintanace when it comes up to makeup but I absoutly love and utilize whats in my maekup to the fullest.

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